Is Big Brother Watching? (Do You Know Who Big Brother Is?)

An Editorial by Louis Moffa

A myriad of changes are rapidly occurring in regard to the United States government and its relationship with its citizens. Following the advent of the whistle blowing by Eric Snowden, and the unveiling of the controversial actions of the NSA (National Security Agency), the American populace has been asking themselves one question: what exactly is going on?

As the youth of America mature, it becomes immensely imperative that they be concerned with the events of today, so as to be more prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow. But just how knowledgeable is the youth of today, and just how up-to-date is the population of young adults who will one day be the center of this nation?

When surveying 100 students in Delsea about a small example of both current events and important individual knowledge, the results were somewhat surprising. When asked whether a student’s individual social security number had been memorized, 82% of students responded that they hadn’t yet memorized their number, while 19% of students stated that they didn’t know the purpose of a social security number and 51% weren’t sure exactly sure of the purpose. This translates to less than 1/5th of students knowing their SSN, and less than 1/3 even actually knowing the purpose of having one.

When questioned about the National Security Agency, only 11% of students could properly identify the words that make up the acronym; one student even wrote back “NASA?” Identified as one of the most controversial current events, a little less than 9/10 of students aren’t even able to identify what NSA means, while only 25% of students claim to have ever heard the name Eric Snowden.

This is not to say, however, that Delsea students are unintelligent or indifferent to the changing world around them. Delsea holds some of the greatest students in the country, along with a number of great teachers and administrators. Notwithstanding, the student population still is very uninformed when it comes to the political realm – and truthfully, what is more important? Everything in one’s day-to-day life revolves around politics and current events; the effects of the decisions made by elected officials cannot be overstated. For this reason it is immensely important that the youth of today stay informed and educated on the critical decisions being made in our government. One day those who are currently in high school will be voting and may even be running for office themselves. Students of Delsea — my challenge to you is to simply stay informed, as nothing is more powerful than an informed voter and an informed constituency in this brilliant nation.

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